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Commits on Dec 21, 2011
  1. @amueller
  2. @amueller
  3. @amueller

    Merge pull request #510 from amueller/aaarrrgghhh

    amueller authored
    MRG Docstring fixes
  4. @amueller
  5. @amueller


    amueller authored
  6. @amueller
  7. @amueller

    COSMIT minor ticks

    amueller authored
  8. @larsmans

    DOC I broke the docs and I liked it

    larsmans authored
    I hope the other contributors don't mind it
    It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean everything breaks tonight
    I broke the docs and I liked it, I liked it
  9. @vene

    DOC update changelog

    vene authored
  10. @larsmans

    DOC rm References sections in docstrings

    larsmans authored
    According to @GaelVaroquaux, this breaks the NumPy docstring parser.
    Moved references to Notes or See also sections, depending on context.
  11. @larsmans

    ENH improve stoplist handling in feature_extraction.text

    larsmans authored
    * The entire stop list would appear multiple times in the docs
    * Use frozenset
    * Document the order in the analyzing pipeline
  12. @amueller

    Merge pull request #417 from larsmans/multilabel

    amueller authored
    MRG : ENH multilabel learning in OneVsRestClassifier
  13. @vene
  14. @vene

    DOC: add image to narrative doc

    vene authored
  15. @vene
  16. @fabianp

    Merge pull request #504 from jakevdp/sphinx-images

    fabianp authored
    HACK: prevent proliferation of image files in documentation build
  17. @vene
  18. @vene
  19. @jakevdp

    remove unneeded import

    jakevdp authored
  20. @jakevdp
  21. @larsmans
  22. @larsmans
  23. @mblondel
  24. @larsmans
  25. @larsmans
  26. @larsmans

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'vene/lars_multilabel' into multilabel

    larsmans authored
  27. @vene
  28. @vene

    ENH: Added the synthetic example

    vene authored
  29. @mblondel

    Cosmit in MiniBatchKMeans.

    mblondel authored
  30. @larsmans

    ENH demo sparse KMeans on 20news set (it's slow!)

    larsmans authored
  31. @amueller

    FIX: typo in docs

    amueller authored
  32. @amueller
  33. @jakevdp
  34. @jakevdp
  35. @fabianp

    Remove old API change warning

    fabianp authored
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