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OpenSpritz is an extremely crude implementation of Spritz in JavaScript. It works as a bookmarklet to add Spritz-type speed reading to every page.


  • "I'm not easily impressed, but this blew me away. You can have very good understanding of the text and still read blazingly fast." - norswap, HackerNews

  • "Super cool reading tool that helps you read at 800wpm. Kind of like watching television, only with words." - @janeka, Twitter


To install OpenSpritz, follow this guide at gun.io.


  • Spritz-type speed reading
  • Word length and grammar-aware speed reading
  • WPM selector
  • Cross-browser bookmarklet
  • Text-selection aware
  • Readabilty-based article extraction


OpenSpritz needs you! If you find bugs, have feature requests, or have other needs, please help out!

The best way to contribute is to start a new ticket, or to work on an existing ticket. If you find a website which doesn't work with OpenSpritz, add it to this ticket so that it can be diagnosed and fixed.

OpenSpritz currently needs a little more love to make it work with JSONP and needs a better method of detecting the presence of jQuery, so those are some good places to start.

Once you have tested your changes and confirmed they work, send a pull request. Add yourself to the list of contributors below as well!


Sister Projects

A Note About the Name

OpenSpritz has nothing to do with Spritz Incorporated. This is an open source, community created project, made with love because Spritz is such an awesome technique for reading with. (Please don't send us a DMCA take down request! That'll only backfire on you anyway. We love you.)