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An OpenFaaS connector for AWS SQS.


  • Allow OpenFaaS functions to be invoked as a result of messages being sent to an AWS SQS queue.
  • Allow for multiplexing different topics over a single AWS SQS queue.


Helm (Experimental)

To install openfaas-sqs-connector using Helm, run

$ helm repo add openfaas-sqs-connector
$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade --install openfaas-sqs-connector openfaas-sqs-connector/openfaas-sqs-connector \
  --namespace openfaas \
  --set queueUrl=<queue-url> \
  --set region=<region>

Please check values.yaml for details on how to tweak the installation.


To install openfaas-sqs-connector using kubectl, edit ./deploy/kubernetes/openfaas-sqs-connector-dep.yaml as required in order to set appropriate values for each flag:

Flag                                              Description Default
--endpoint The AWS SQS endpoint to use. Useful when using elasticmq for local development. ""
--log-level The log level to use. info
--max-number-of-messages The maximum number of messages to return from the AWS SQS queue per iteration. 1
--max-wait-time The maximum amount of time (in seconds) to wait for messages to be returned from the AWS SQS queue per iteration. 1
--openfaas-gateway-url The URL at which the OpenFaaS gateway can be reached. http://gateway.openfaas.svc:8080
--queue-url The name of the AWS SQS queue to pop messages from. N/A
--region The AWS region to which the AWS SQS queue belongs. N/A
--topic-refresh-interval The interval (in seconds) at which to rebuild the topic map. 15
--visibility-timeout The amount of time (in seconds) during which received messages are unavailable to other consumers. 30

Then, run

$ kubectl create -f ./deploy/kubernetes/openfaas-sqs-connector-dep.yaml


You will need to make sure your Kubernetes worker nodes on which the SQS Connector will be deployed have a role with the following IAM permissions to interact with your SQS queues:

  • sqs:DeleteMessage
  • sqs:ChangeMessageVisibility
  • sqs:ReceiveMessage



To test openfaas-sqs-connector, start by deploying two functions:

$ faas store deploy figlet --annotation topic="figlet"
Deployed. 202 Accepted.
$ faas store deploy nslookup --annotation topic="nslookup"
Deployed. 202 Accepted.

Now, send two messages to the AWS SQS queue from which openfaas-sqs-connector is consuming messages:

$ aws sqs send-message \
    --queue-url<id>/openfaas-sqs-connector \
    --message-attributes '{"Topic":{"DataType":"String","StringValue":"figlet"}}' \
    --message-body "openfaas"
    "MD5OfMessageBody": "f6650c4b9f5c1c7c627a9d150da3461b",
    "MD5OfMessageAttributes": "dc49cdc863571fa19ce0f748008752ba",
    "MessageId": "daad6027-9503-4952-b1de-4b29314f2048"
$ aws sqs send-message \
    --queue-url<id>/openfaas-sqs-connector \
    --message-attributes '{"Topic":{"DataType":"String","StringValue":"nslookup"}}' \
    --message-body ""
    "MD5OfMessageBody": "99cd2175108d157588c04758296d1cfc",
    "MD5OfMessageAttributes": "b1badaf4137a97afea1027b635e3ac70",
    "MessageId": "5f24f4a4-ae41-4654-9ab5-acdd2fe5ac28"

Note that we're using different values for the Topic message attribute⸺figlet and nslookup⸺, and that these correspond to the value of the topic annotation we've used above.

Finally, check the logs for openfaas-sqs-connector in order to make sure the corresponding functions were invoked:

$ kubectl -n openfaas logs -l app=openfaas-sqs-connector
time="2019-09-06T10:36:53Z" level=trace msg="Processing message with id \"daad6027-9503-4952-b1de-4b29314f2048\""
2019/09/06 10:36:53 Invoke function: figlet
2019/09/06 10:36:53 connector-sdk got result: [200] figlet => figlet (270) bytes
[200] figlet => figlet
  ___  _ __   ___ _ __  / _| __ _  __ _ ___
 / _ \| '_ \ / _ \ '_ \| |_ / _` |/ _` / __|
| (_) | |_) |  __/ | | |  _| (_| | (_| \__ \
 \___/| .__/ \___|_| |_|_|  \__,_|\__,_|___/
[openfaas-sqs-connector-5f564d8-mk9h6 openfaas-sqs-connector]
time="2019-09-06T10:36:53Z" level=trace msg="Message successfully processed" message_id=daad6027-9503-4952-b1de-4b29314f2048
time="2019-09-06T10:36:53Z" level=trace msg="Message successfully deleted from the queue" message_id=daad6027-9503-4952-b1de-4b29314f2048
time="2019-09-06T10:37:11Z" level=trace msg="Processing message with id \"5f24f4a4-ae41-4654-9ab5-acdd2fe5ac28\""
2019/09/06 10:37:11 Invoke function: nslookup
2019/09/06 10:37:11 connector-sdk got result: [200] nslookup => nslookup (78) bytes
[200] nslookup => nslookup
[openfaas-sqs-connector-5f564d8-mk9h6 openfaas-sqs-connector]
Address 1:
[openfaas-sqs-connector-5f564d8-mk9h6 openfaas-sqs-connector]
time="2019-09-06T10:37:11Z" level=trace msg="Message successfully processed" message_id=5f24f4a4-ae41-4654-9ab5-acdd2fe5ac28
time="2019-09-06T10:37:11Z" level=trace msg="Message successfully deleted from the queue" message_id=5f24f4a4-ae41-4654-9ab5-acdd2fe5ac28


An OpenFaaS connector for AWS SQS.




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