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<h2>Tyler Rooney</h2>
<p>genuinely loves building web apps in Ruby and Javascript. In the last two years he's worked on The Score, Targetivity, and 4ormat. Before consulting full-time, he spent three years at working on payment services in C++ before using Rails to build internal apps for managing Amazon's complex monitoring tools. In 2003, he graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Science and managed to do co-op jobs at five now-defunct startups. When he's not working he's reading far too much non-fiction and enjoying the quality pubs of Toronto.</p>
+ <li id="wes">
+ <h2>Wesley Hodgson</h2>
+ <p>was making web pages when most people were still going bananas over portable phones. Despite a foray into the mysterious world of software development, he prefers to work in the world of front-end website development and design. He's a major advocate of developing standards-compliant and pragmatic code to create bulletproof and elegant web interfaces. His past projects include work for the United Nations, the University of Toronto, and Rypple. If he's not in front of a computer, he's probably riding a bicycle.</p>
+ </li>
<li id="lukas">
<h2>Lukas Dryja</h2>
<p>is a firm believer that a well defined design strategy can improve any product or business. With a Design Communication Degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and multidisciplinary work experience from various Toronto based agencies, Lukas is passionate about solving design problems. Lukas is also the Co-Founder of Kolor &mdash; an international design collective helping companies build and maintain brands that communicate effectively to audiences. </p>
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