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Extracts string messages from React components that use React Intl.


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Extracts string messages for translation from modules that use React Intl.


React Intl

This Babel plugin works with React Intl v2.x


  • 3.x of this plugin works with Babel 7
  • 2.x works with Babel 6
  • 1.x works with Babel 5


$ npm install babel-plugin-react-intl


This Babel plugin only visits ES6 modules which import React Intl.

The default message descriptors for the app's default language will be extracted from: defineMessages(), <FormattedMessage>, and <FormattedHTMLMessage>; all of which are named exports of the React Intl package.

If a message descriptor has a description, it'll be removed from the source after it's extracted to save bytes since it isn't used at runtime.

Via .babelrc (Recommended)


  "plugins": [
    ["react-intl", {
        "messagesDir": "./build/messages/"


  • messagesDir: The target location where the plugin will output a .json file corresponding to each component from which React Intl messages were extracted. If not provided, the extracted message descriptors will only be accessible via Babel's API.

  • enforceDescriptions: Whether message declarations must contain a description to provide context to translators. Defaults to: false.

  • extractSourceLocation: Whether the metadata about the location of the message in the source file should be extracted. If true, then file, start, and end fields will exist for each extracted message descriptors. Defaults to false.

  • moduleSourceName: The ES6 module source name of the React Intl package. Defaults to: "react-intl", but can be changed to another name/path to React Intl.

  • overrideIdFn: A function with the signature (id: string, defaultMessage: string, description: string|object) => string which allows you to override the ID both in the extracted javascript and messages.

  • removeDefaultMessage: Remove defaultMessage field in generated js after extraction.

  • additionalComponentNames: Additional component names to extract messages from, e.g: ['FormattedFooBarMessage']. NOTE: By default we check for the fact that FormattedMessage & FormattedHTMLMessage are imported from moduleSourceName to make sure variable alias works. This option does not do that so it's less safe.

Via Node API

The extract message descriptors are available via the metadata property on the object returned from Babel's transform() API:

require('@babel/core').transform('code', {
  plugins: ['react-intl']
}) // => { code, map, ast, metadata['react-intl'].messages };