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What's New In FormEncode 1.2.5
This article explains the latest changes in `FormEncode` version 1.2.5 as
compared to its predecessor, `FormEncode` 1.2.4.
Project Changes
- New official BitBucket code repository at `formencode/official-formencode
Feature Additions
- The method `field_is_empty` was added to
:class:`formencode.validators.FormValidator` so subclasses can use the same
logic for emptiness and users can override it if necessary.
Backwards Incompatibilities
- The view attribute is no longer considered special when scanning Compound
validators and Schemas for validators.
- The :class:`formencode.validators.RequireIfMissing` and `RequireIfPresent` form
validators now use the same empty/missing logic as the `is_empty` method of
- Validators can say if they accept containers (list, tuple, set, etc) and schema will
actively refuse those values if a validator does not allow them.
Documentation Enhancements
- Superceded news with whatsnew documents that will be archived for each
version. Archived all news prior to 1.2.5 in :doc:`/whatsnew-0-to-1.2.4`.