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What's New In FormEncode 2.0
This article explains the latest changes in `FormEncode` version 2.0.0
compared to its predecessor, `FormEncode` 1.3.0
- `FormEncode` can now run on Python 3.3 and higher without needing to run 2to3 first.
- `FormEncode` 2.0 is no longer compatible with Python 3.2. If you need Python 3.2 compatibility please use FormEncode 1.3
- Add strict flag to USPostalCode to raise error on postal codes that has too
many digits instead of just truncating
- Various Python 3 fixes
- Serbian latin translation
- Changed License to MIT
- Dutch, UK, Greek and South Korean postal code format fixes
- Add postal code formats for Switzerland, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, San Marino, Ukraine and Vatican City.
- Add ISODateTimeConverter validator
- Add ability to target htmlfill to particular form or ignore a form
- Fix format errors in some translations