Radium migration CLI, converts CSS to Radium-compatible JS objects.
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CSS to Radium

A CLI utility to convert the contents of a CSS file to a Radium-compatible JS object.


$ npm install css-to-radium


By default, css-to-radium works with stdin and stdout:

$ css-to-radium < example/style.css > example/style.js

You can also target a source file directly with the --input flag and return a converted file by specifying the target path after any options:

$ css-to-radium --input style.css style.js

Or you can mix and match the two:

$ css-to-radium --input example/style.css > example/style.js

It turns a file like this:

/* style.css */
.btn {
  background: #ccc;
  padding: 10px;
  font-size: 16px;

.btn-primary {
  background: orange;
  color: #fff;

into one like this:

// style.js

module.exports = {
  ".btn": {
    background: "#ccc",
    padding: 10,
    fontSize: 16
  ".btn-primary": {
    background: "orange",
    color: "white"



--input [inputSrc]

A source file to use as input. To process multiple files at once, include this flag multiple times:

$ css-to-radium --input style.css --input more.css


--quote [type]

Type of quote used in generated JS. Defaults to single.

css-to-radium style.css style.js --quote double


--indentSize [int]

Number of space characters to use for indents in generated JS. If this flag is not included, defaults to a single tab character (\t).

css-to-radium style.css style.js --indentSize=2


Using Webpack? Check out radium-loader.