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Robo-TiTO gives you an alternative access to a remote machine terminal.

Main Objective

Sometimes you cannot reach an ssh ip:port of an host by a lot of reasons:

  • host is behind NAT
  • firewall protection
  • remote host with dynamic ip
  • port redirections
  • annoying administrators

Robo-TiTO allows you circumvent these problems and execute commands remotely on your server.

Get involved

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This is a light-weight bot connecting through XMPP (eg.: GTalk) that allows you run shell command remotely. Robo-TiTO will not open a port to be accessed, instead of that, it will connect to a jabber service. You send your commands in a chat session and receive terminal output back. You will be "talking" to your server like you always did, but now you will get some answers from it.


  • Ruby >= 2.0.0


bundle install

# adjust the bot credentials and server settings using the example file provided
cp config/credentials.rb.example credentials.rb
vim config/credentials.rb

# start with
./robotitod start

# check additional available options with
./robotitod -h


Robo-TiTO uses OTP (One Time Password) for authentication. You can use Google Authenticator, available for Android and iPhone, You just need to add a time based account entry with the credentials you specified in the credentials.rb file.


Philippe Creux and its suggestion on gist