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Example to-do list application using

This is an example project that integrates into


New Project

If you have not yet created a project on, you can easily create one and get this application running by typing the following in your command line:

npm install -g formio-cli
formio bootstrap formio/formio-app-todo

This will create a project for you on as well as configure this application to use your sandboxed project. Feel free to fork and modify as you like.

Existing Project

To hook this up to an existing project, clone this repository (or download the .zip on the right), and edit the APP_URL in src/config.js to match your project's url. For example, if your project name is myproject, then your project url would be


Make sure you have installed the dependencies:

npm install
bower install

Run gulp serve to spin up a web server for development. gulp build will create a production ready build in dist/.