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Form.IO webhook receiver

This application serves as an example webhook receiver for the platform.


First, download this application, and then run the following.

npm install

You can then run the example server by typing the following

node index

Using with NGROK

You can test this locally by using this along with a utility called NGROK. Follow the instructions @ to download and get started to create a localhost tunnel. You can create a public tunnel to your locally running receiver by typing the following command.

ngrok http 4001

This will connect to your webhook receiver and provide a public URL to access it.

Version                       2.1.14
Region                        United States (us) 
Web Interface        
Forwarding           -> localhost:4001
Forwarding           -> localhost:4001

This tells me that I am now able to connect to my locally running Webhook receiver by navigating to I can now use this within my Webhook Action settings @

Form.IO Setup.

Create an application and a form within the platform. Click on Actions, and then add a new Webhook action. Then configure the webhook action to point to your server with the following configurations. Your settings should look like the following.

  • username: test
  • password: password123

Alt text