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Installing the library.

To install this library within your application, you can use the following.

npm install --save formiojs

Full Developer SDK Documentation

To view the full SDK Documentation, go to Developer SDK Documentation


You can then include The following major components within your application.

  • JavaScript API - This component allows you to easily communicate to the API's from within your JavaScript application, like so.

    import Formio from 'formiojs';
    let formApi = new Formio('');
    formApi.loadForm().then(function(form) {
  • Form Renderer - This is the core form rendering library which renders a JSON form schema within your page.

    import FormioForm from 'formiojs/form';
    let form = new FormioForm(document.getElementById('formelement'));
    form.src = '';
  • Form Wizard - This allows you to render a wizard within your application.

    import FormioWizard from 'formiojs/wizard';
    let form = new FormioWizard(document.getElementById('formelement'));
    form.src = '';
  • Form Embedding - Allows you to embed a form within your application by including a single script tag as follows.

    <script src=""></script>
  • Form Utilities - This is a Utility javascript library that offers some common utilities within your application.

    import Formio from 'formiojs';
    import FormioUtils from 'formiojs/utils';
    let form = new Formio('');
    form.loadForm().then((form) => {
      FormioUtils.eachComponent(form.components, (component) => {
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