A library to help build Angluar.js applications on top of Form.io.
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This is a helper module to build Angular.js applications on top of Form.io

Use this helper if you would like to build an Angular.js 1.x application that utilizes Form.io to build an application.


To install this module, you simply need to use bower and install as follows.

bower install --save ng-formio-helper

We recommend using (WireDep)[https://github.com/taptapship/wiredep] to wire the dependencies into HTML application. If you don't want to use that, then you will need to add the <script> to your page as follows.

<script src="bower_components/ngFormioHelper/dist/ng-formio-helper.js"></script>

About & Getting Started

To get started with this library, we recommend reading the Wiki


There are several providers that you can use within your application. See the wiki documentation for each provider's implementation details.


Used to track and display alerts within your application.


Used to manage login/logout, tokens and forced authentication.


Used to create a dynamic list of tagged forms along with all the states, views and controllers.


Used to set up offline mode for your application and provides widgets and settings for offline mode.

Requires a paid formio plan which provides access to the offline plugin.


Used to set up ui-router states, views and default controllers for a Formio Resource.