A react starterkit for creating new web applications with Form.io
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Form.io React Starter Application

This is a starter application that uses React, Bootstrap, Webpack, Gulp, and Form.io to create a powerful Serverless application platform.


Download this application within your local machine, and then type the following.

npm install


You can develop within this application by typing the following

npm run serve

This will launch the application locally @ https://localhost:3000. Now, whenever you make changes, those will be directly reflected within the launched application.


Once you have your application developed, it is now time to build the application for deployment. This can be done by typing the following.

npm run build

This will generate the dist folder which you can then use to install within any webserver, Github Page, an Amazon S3 bucket, etc.

Application Generation

This application was generated using the amazing Fountain.js system. To build your own, follow these steps.

  • Install Yeoman npm install -g yo
  • Install Fountain.js Webapp Generator npm install -g generator-fountain-webapp
  • Create a new folder, and then generate your webapp. mkdir webapp && cd webapp
  • Generate the application. yo fountain-webapp
  • Follow the on-screen instructions providing the following input.
    • Which JavaScript framework do you want? React
    • Which module management do you want? Webpack with NPM
    • Which JS preprocessor do you want? ES2015 today with Babel
    • Which CSS preprocessor do you want? SASS
    • Which Continuous Integration platform do you want? none
    • Do you want a sample app? A working landing page
    • Would you like a router? React router
  • Install Bootstrap SAAS, Bootswatch, and Form.io npm install --save bootstrap-sass bootswatch react-formio
  • Make the following changes to get started.

Have fun!

  • The Form.io Team