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I've recorded several screencasts to demonstrate how to contribute. Here's a playlist of them all. You'll find individual links by the respective sections

Requesting an Example

Watch video

Creating an Example

Watch video

We LOVE examples! It's extremely helpful to everyone involved, so yes, please create examples :-) Follow these steps:

  1. Create an example on jsbin by cloning this template
  2. Make sure it's awesome and clean
  3. Make a PR to examples.json
  • The "jsbinId" is the unique part of the jsbin url ("panovu" is the jsbinId for the template)
  • IMPORTANT: Unless you're a jsbin pro subscriber, please add noSSL: true. Or just purchase a pro subscription :-)
  • Feel free to add "keywords" to the entry, this will make it easier to find
  • The "slug" is what will appear in the URL for the example. Make it:
    1. easy to remember
    2. separated by dashes
    3. unique for the category
  1. Wait patiently while it's evaluated :-)
  2. Cheer with us! Formly rocks! :-)