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Vue Formly

Looking for maintainers

It's been many years since I first created Vue Formly and it's been a great project. However, it was a project that started because I couldn't quite find anything that fit my requirements at the time. I've sinced moved on, things have changed, and I no longer have the time I need to keep working on this. So if you'd like to get on board or take it into Vue 3 support, you're most welcome.


Vue Formly is a JS based form builder heavily inspired by Angular Formly. Vue Formly was designed to provide an easy way to keep your forms consistent and to remove bloat from your code. As there's no "one way" to design your forms, Vue Formly allows you to create custom input types which you can use in your form schemas. Vue Formly itself does not come with any inputs pre-loaded but a set of Boostrap form inputs can be installed over at Vue Formly Bootstrap.

NOTE This is version 2 of Vue Formly and is only compatible with Vue 2.x. If you are wanting to use this with Vue 1.x then check out the Vue Formly 1 Branch.


npm install vue-formly

Or via a script

<script src="your_dir/vue-formly/vue-formly.min.js"></script>


Take a look at the docs for extended information about using Formly and creating custom input types. But here is a quick example: NOTE that for Vue Formly to work correctly you must also include a set of input types. You can either create your own or check out Vue Formly Bootstrap which has many already created for you.

<div id="app">
   <form @submit="handleSubmission">
      <formly-form :form="form" :model="model" :fields="fields"></formly-form>
new Vue({
   el: '#app',
   data: {
      model: {
         name: '',
         email: '',
         password: ''
      form: {},
      fields: [
            key: 'name',
            type: 'input',
            required: true
            key: 'email',
            type: 'input',
            templateOptions: {
               type: 'email'
            required: true,
            validators: {
               validEmail: checkEmailFunction
            key: 'password',
            type: 'input',
            templateOptions: {
               type: 'password'
            required: true,
            validators: {
               validPassword: checkPasswordFunction