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I'm probably just not finding it but how would I add a file/image upload field? Awesome project by the way!


mchapman commented Aug 9, 2013


I'm afraid this isn't done yet. Very early days. You are welcome to help
;-) (and I would point you in the right direction).

I expect to get it done in the next few weeks as a project I am working on
needs it (but everything takes longer that I expect, so time frames are
just guesses).

And thanks for the compliment - it'll keep me going!


On 9 August 2013 20:18, nickstanko wrote:

I'm probably just not finding it but how would I add a file/image upload
field? Awesome project by the way!

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DominicBoettger commented Apr 30, 2014

I implemented a complete file solution in my fork. As i have to use bootstrap3 i think we are not able to merge this at the moment without troubles. It is based on with some modifications for a improved angular integration.

My sources for the fork of blueimp file upload can be found here:

Additionally i integrated my gridfs - module. Which adds meta information like exif, OCR detection, PDF text extraction and stores the file into mongodb's gridfs.


  1. Drag and Drop upload
  2. Add data to the file data model

The fork can be found here:

The latest changes for angular 1.3 made by Mark are still a problem and the unit tests are failing. I think cause i am using newer jquery versions etc. Did not check everything yet.


DominicBoettger commented May 2, 2014

Hi Mark,

i did a merge of every feature from myself with your latest branch.
It was a lot of work, but i hope you can have a look on the code and especially the unit tests.

Best regards


mchapman commented Jun 9, 2014

Anyone who sees this should look at #27 and for the beginnings of a solution

@mchapman mchapman added this to the 0.4.0 milestone Sep 10, 2014


mchapman commented Oct 14, 2014

Shipped in 0.4.0 of fng-jq-upload, a plugin to 0.4.0 of forms-angular

@mchapman mchapman closed this Oct 14, 2014

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