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Form Tools is a data management script written in PHP and MySQL. You install it on your website and use it to either create forms, or use it to store the data from your own forms. In both cases, Form Tools generates a custom database table to house your form data and provides a wealth of tools to manage, export, view and visualize it. To find out more about the script and what it can do, see or glance over the documentation.

Form Tools is modular. It's split up into separate pieces (the Core, API, modules and themes) so you can install only what you need and not get cluttered up with superfluous functionality. This repo contains the source code for the Form Tools Core. The Core contains the minimal code needed to run Form Tools on your server.

The main Form Tools download package is composed of hand-picked components that we think will help you get the most out of the script. This will be changing in 3.1 (see below): from that version on, we'll just supply recommendations, and you can choose the components you want during the installation process.

PHP version support

  • Everything up to Form Tools Core 2.2.7 supports PHP 4.3 - 5.x.
  • Form Tools Core 3.0.0 supports PHP 5.3 and later.

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Getting help

Form Tools has some pretty extensive documentation - that'll be the place to start. But for specific questions, feel free to open an issue on this repo. Please note that much as I enjoy working on Form Tools, I'm only one guy with a day job and a long daily commute - so prompt responses are difficult!


  • The master branch contains the latest work being done on 3.1. master is not production ready.
  • 3.0.x (3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.3...) contain the tip of the various releases, but they're tagged and put into final releases when complete. Still, handy place to get the latest 3.0.x version if you need it.

Upcoming versions

See the following post for details about the upcoming roadmap.


  • 3.1 - rewriting the installation/upgrade code so that there's no longer hardcoded bundles of the Form Tools script including those modules/themes we choose, but instead you select whatever components your want during the installation, or later on.
  • 3.2 - revamping the UI. Totally new design, upgrading all the front-end code (i.e. moving to React)
  • 3.3 - revamping the user permissions to make it roles-based and not have hardcoded "admin" and "client" accounts like now.


Check out Still in its infancy, but we're getting there. With the addition of the new React code in 3.1 we'll be testing the client side code a lot more.

Local Development

See the Development page for details on how to get Form Tools running locally for development.

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