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heading: Installation
- Installation
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This section explains how to install Form Tools on your server.
Installing Form Tools is usually very simple. The only problems that usually occur are
if you don't have the MySQL information correct or if you're on a Windows server and
the permissions on the theme cache folder aren't right. This section explains how to
get the script, upload it to your website, run through the installation steps and deal with
any of the most likely problems. It's really easy! Honest!
<h3>Getting the script + Uploading</h3>
Download the zipfile from the <a href="" target="_blank">downloads page</a>
and unzip the files into a folder on your computer.
With an FTP client, upload the files to your webserver to a location of your choosing. This folder must be accessible via a URL on your site, e.g.
After the files have fully uploaded, boot up your web browser and go to the URL
where you uploaded the script. It will automatically take you to the
installation script.
<h4>Don't see the installation script?</h4>
In most cases, you'll now see the installation script and can just follow through
the instructions on the page to get Form Tools all configured. However, on some
servers (Windows, I'm calling you out!) you may see an error message saying that you
need to change the permissions on the <b>/themes/default/cache</b> cache folder. This folder
is used to create temporary cache files: it must be read-writable in order for Form Tools
to work. Change the permissions to 777 on Unix, or ask your hosting provider to make it
read-writable for Windows servers. Once that's done, just refresh the page and you'll be
redirected to the installation script. Challenge #1 complete!
The following pages explain each step of the installation script.
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