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Installing the Client Audit module is exactly the same as installing any Form Tools module.
First, download the zip or tar file from the Downloads tab above. Then, follow the
<a href="{{site.baseurl}}/userdoc/modules/installing/">instructions here</a>.
The Client Audit module works by tracking <i>changes</i> to client accounts. As such, when
it's first installed, the module automatically stores the current state - account,
account settings and account permissions - in its custom logs. Because of this, if
you have a large number of client accounts, it may take several seconds to configure
the database.
After installing the module, select it. You'll be taken a page that will tell you there's
been no activity on your client accounts. This is normal. At this point, the module
is enabled and active: as soon as any changes occur to any client accounts, you
will start seeing some logged items appear.
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