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The Extended Client Fields module lets you construct any number of form fields to store
additional information for your client accounts. The module comes with a number of nifty
features, including:
<li>Control whether the fields appear in the Edit Client -&gt; Main tab or -&gt; Settings tab.</li>
<li>Control the location and order they appear in the pages.</li>
<li>Choose whether the field should only appear for the administrator, or the client as well.</li>
<li>Each field can be of any of the following field types: textbox, textarea, select or multi-select dropdown,
radio buttons or checkboxes.</li>
<li>You can define a default value for the fields.</li>
<li>Group related field under a section header (optional)</li>
The screenshot above shows a typical usage of this module. There are four new fields added
to the Edit Client page: gender, age, city and country grouped under the title
"Additional Info".
<h4>Requirements / Restrictions</h4>
<li>This module requires version 2.0.0-beta-20090402 or later of the Form Tools Core. So upgrade first!</li>
<li>There's a hidden restriction with assigning your fields to the client's Edit Account -&gt; Settings page:
<b>the client must have at least one editable field defined on their Settings page</b>. If they don't, your
extended client fields won't show up. This is due to the way the Core template is structured.</li>
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