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Up until 2.1.0, Form Tools came with a baked-in WYSIWYG editor. This allowed the
administrator to choose a rich-text editor for form fields, letting Form Tools users
edit those field types with all the benefits of rich-text.
(A quick aside. In case you didn't already know, WYSIWYG stands for What You See
Is What You Get - it's a commonly used term for rich-text editors. Moving on!).
With Form Tools 2.1.0, the WYSIWYG functionality was extracted and placed in a
separate module. Partly this was due to the restructuring of the way field types
are handled; partly it was simply because the WYSIWYG functionality wasn't central
to the core functionality of the script and lent itself to being in a separate
module. But placing it in a module also affords the following benefits:
<li>It's now a lot easier to update since it's independent of the Form Tools
Core. We can now release quick updates and fixes.</li>
<li>The tinyMCE is no longer the only possible WYSIWYG field type. Depending on
user requirements, we can add additional WYSIWYG modules for scripts like
FCKEditor or htmlarea. Anything goes!</li>
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