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Form Tools was originally designed to provide an access and storage script for your own web forms. While
the script still allows this functionality through <a href="{{site.baseurl}}/userdoc/form_management/form_types/">
external forms</a>, the Form Builder expands on this functionality by allowing you to construct forms right
within the Form Tools interface and publish them on your site through the click of a button.
Using the Form Builder to generate your forms has a number of benefits over manual form creation.
<li>No programming experience necessary.</li>
<li><i>Very</i> quick and easy to generate your own forms (single page and multi-page) on your site.</li>
<li>Automatic generation of "Review" and "Thankyou" pages.</li>
<li>Utilize all the special Form Tools field types (Dates, Times, phone numbers, Google Maps, WYSIWYG etc)
fields in your forms, not just in the Form Tools interface.</li>
<li>Choose from a set of attractive, pre-existing templates or create your own.</li>
<li>Publish multiple forms on your site, each looking different, containing different fields, but all submitting
to the same database table, where you can manage the submissions in a single location.</li>
<li>Any of your existing Internal or External forms may be instantly converted to Form Builder forms to be
published on your site.</li>
<li>Unlike External Forms, you now manage your forms entirely through Form Tools. No more updating your forms
in two places - once in your form, once in the Form Tools interface.</li>
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