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The IP Security Check module provides you with an additional layer of security for your Form Tools installation.
When someone tries logging in, their IP address is compared against an IP whitelist or blacklist. If their IP isn't
permitted access, they are automatically redirected to a denied page. This provides an effective means to forbid
unwanted access.
This module overrides the standard Form Tools user account system. Even if the person logging in has a valid
username and password, this module can still forbid them access.
Make sure you've thought things through before installing this module.
Like most security measures, increased security means more complexity and
more work. Bear in mind the following scenarios:
<li>If you define an IP whitelist, any time you're on a non-standard
computer (like a friend's house, or co-worker's computer) you won't
be able to log in without explicitly adding their IP from a computer
that has access.</li>
<li>Whenever your ISP changes your IP address you may find yourself
denied entry.</li>
<li>If you have a list of clients, whose IP addresses were identified
and added to the IP whitelist, any time their IPs change, they will be
inconvenienced - as will you, when you have to update their info.</li>
So the point is: be prepared for a few more headaches. That's the price you have to pay for good security.
The <a href="configuration_page/">following pages</a> cover the module's functionality and <a href="locked_out/">what to
do if you get locked out</a>.
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