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heading: Javascript Error Logs
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- Javascript Error Logs
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<p class="alert alert-warning">
Please note that this module is only compatible with version <b>2.1.0 or later</b>
of the Core.
{% include screenshot.html item="i175.gif" %}
This simple module was developed to help keep tabs on client-side errors (javascript
errors) that occur within the Form Tools interface. In 2.1.0, we re-wrote all the
javascript to use jQuery and jQuery UI instead of the Prototype framework. During
development, we created this module to locate problems.
The module works exceedingly simply: you just install the module and it gets to work!
You can pop back to the module from time to time to see what errors have been logged.
It's compatible with Firefox and IE (all versions, I think...) and recent versions
of Chrome. At time of writing, Safari doesn't support it, but it'll be getting in
there soon enough. If you're using an unsupported browsers, nothing will get logged
when an error occurs.
For developers that are curious, the module works by attaching a snippet of Ajax to the
<b>window.onerror</b> event, which sends details of the error to the module to
log in a table. Oddly enough, even though window.onerror has been part of the JS
spec since the late 17th century, it was omitted from numerous JS engine