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<div class="alert alert-danger">
Before using this module, please read the <a href="./security"><b>security page!</b></a>
The Swift Mailer module, when installed and configured, overrides the default PHP <b>mail()</b> usage and sends
all Form Tools emails via the SMTP settings you supply.
<h4>Advantages over default mail() function</h4>
<li>Some servers don't have PHP mail() set up.</li>
<li>The PHP mail() function is notoriously inconsistent across different servers. Often, simple things like sending
emails in multipart format (text + html) aren't permitted.</li>
<li>It allows you to include <i>file attachments</i> in your emails - either from files included in the form
submission or from a file on your server.</li>
<li>Option to specify return-path headers for each email template, which sends all non-deliverable emails back to
your inbox.</li>
<li>It's far faster!</li>
<li>People will think you're cool.</li>
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