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Data Visualization module


Form Tools is great for gathering and managing information, but not so great at summarizing it. Up to now, it's been up to you to download your form submission data and interpret it - which is not exactly convenient! Well, that's the purpose of the Data Visualization module. It lets you - very easily - visualize different aspects of your form data through Line Charts, Area Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Column Charts, providing you and your users with an attractive, high level view of your data.

Functionality, in brief

This module provides a simple interface to create and manage your visualizations, assign them to specific forms, and allows you fine-tune the permissions so that each client may see different visualizations (if needed). It lets you embed your visualizations in custom pages in the Form Tools user interface and in your own web pages. There is no limit to the number of visualizations you can create, and each may be customized with its own style.


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