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Phantom DLL hollowing PoC
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Phantom DLL hollowing

DLL hollowing is a technique which can be used to provide stealth for malware in memory, either within the local process or a remote one (in combination with process injection/hollowing). This PoC code is associated with the blog post at

This solution contains two projects. The first is a PoC which can execute DLL hollowing using either the classic or phantom (TxF) method. It takes a user-supplied shellcode and only targets the address space of the local process. The second project is a memory scanner, which can enumerate the regional attributes of a user-provided PID, or all accessible processes. It can also collect statistics on the most common permissions for different types of memory.


Visual Studio Community 2019 Release|x86 Release|x64



PhantomDllHollower.exe (shellcode file path) "txf" (optional, phantom hollow using TxF)

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