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single-file public domain libraries

lib lang doc desc
fts_amalgamate Python blog Code amalgamation tool inspired by SQLite
fts_ballistic_projectile C# (Unity) blog, demo Solve ballistic trajectory firing angles
fts_fuzzy_match C++, JavaScript readme, blog, demo Fuzzy string matching inspired by Sublime Text


These are externally hosted, user written ports. I can not guarantee they are correct, up to date, or non-hostile. User beware!

lib lang
fts_fuzzy_match C#, F#, Lua, PHP, Python


What is lib_fts?

My personal take on STB style file libraries. Small librabries in one or two files that can be trivially drag'n'dropped into an existing project.

No convoluted build systems. No dependency rabbit holes. Easy to read, easy to use.

What license?

All source code is embedded with the following license:

This software is dual-licensed to the public domain and under the following license: you are granted a perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, modify, publish, and distribute this file as you see fit.

What is FTS?

My initials; Forrest Thomas Smith.

What language is used?

Several! Different or multiple languages are used where appropriate.

Why C++ and not C?

Because I'd rather write simple code in a C++ namespace and call it a day. It's the simplest possible implementation that can be modified by users to meet their specific needs. I'd like to avoid macro hell if possible.

Is C++11 used?

Core libs linked on this page are written in C++ but very near to C.

Test code is full of C++11, STL, and all kinds of icky things. Tread with caution!

Files in code/util are fully independent but not significant enough to warrant root status. They may be C++ oriented and may use C++11/14 features.


single-file public domain libraries



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