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from p2pool.util import math, memoize
class SkipList(object):
def __init__(self, p=0.5):
self.p = p
self.skips = {}
def forget_item(self, item):
self.skips.pop(item, None)
def __call__(self, start, *args):
updates = {}
pos = start
sol = self.initial_solution(start, args)
if self.judge(sol, args) == 0:
return self.finalize(sol, args)
while True:
if pos not in self.skips:
self.skips[pos] = math.geometric(self.p), [(self.previous(pos), self.get_delta(pos))]
skip_length, skip = self.skips[pos]
# fill previous updates
for i in xrange(skip_length):
if i in updates:
that_hash, delta = updates.pop(i)
x, y = self.skips[that_hash]
assert len(y) == i
y.append((pos, delta))
# put desired skip nodes in updates
for i in xrange(len(skip), skip_length):
updates[i] = pos, None
#if skip_length + 1 in updates:
# updates[skip_length + 1] = self.combine(updates[skip_length + 1], updates[skip_length])
for jump, delta in reversed(skip):
sol_if = self.apply_delta(sol, delta, args)
decision = self.judge(sol_if, args)
#print pos, sol, jump, delta, sol_if, decision
if decision == 0:
return self.finalize(sol_if, args)
elif decision < 0:
sol = sol_if
raise AssertionError()
sol = sol_if
pos = jump
# XXX could be better by combining updates
for x in updates:
updates[x] = updates[x][0], self.combine_deltas(updates[x][1], delta) if updates[x][1] is not None else delta
def finalize(self, sol):
return sol
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