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Feature/balance changes
* Quick fullscreen changes
* Fancy autocompletion
* Client now sleeps when inactive
* Persistent console history
* Increase boost time to 30 seconds from 20 seconds
* Lcannon now has a minimum charge value
* Flamer damage down to 20 from 31
* Zap repeat rate down to 1500ms from 2000ms
* Knockback from pouncing now 3 times as strong
* Demo state now displayed from cgame
* AVI video capture
* cl_autoRecordDemo
* Master server, based on dpmaster
* Changed defaults for r_picmip and r_textureMode
* Chat sounds differ depending on team
* New collision type, for improved light flares
* New pain blend effect
* Reduced Dragoon pounce range to 64 from 96
* Dragoon pounce now incurs 400ms wait before other weapons may be used
* Trapper cost down to 8 from 10
* Hovel is now free, but only one can be built
* Teslagen damage up to 9 from 7
* Non locational damage does not apply locational armour anymore; instead it
averages the armour regions together
* Added target_alien_win and target_human_win
* Added worldspawn keys to disable specific game elements
* 3D particles
* Brass ejections now done via particle system
* static_tranform particle move type
* thirdPersonOnly particle and trail system property
* Abstract attachment system
* Scriptable trails system
Bug fixes/development issues
* Fix to a server memory leak
* Fix to a server 100% CPU bug
* Delete key on *nix fixed
* Fixed lcannon charge storage exploit
* Fixed psaw/cgun inappropriate effects bug
* Maps on create server menu now sorted by name
* Fixed death by poison MOD s/antitox/medkit/
* Fixed Marauders momentarily disappearing when wall jumping
* Fixed a potential crash bug involving the use of generic1
* Fixed being able to build multiple coincident repeaters if there is no reactor
* Fixed incorrect message when invoking "buy ammo" with an energy weapon and no
reactor present
* Fixed invoking "reload" during a weapon reload causing an unnecessary reload
* Fixed aliens having the wrong blood colour when shot with a las gun
* Fixed hovel causing invisible builders
Feature/balance changes
* Extended STATS report to include the times when stages change
* Increased Tesla damage frequency
* Marginally increased Tesla damage
* Teslas now produce exaggerated knockback effect
* Hives now buildable on walls
* Boosters no longer restore Dragoon spitballs
* Dragoon spitballs now affected by gravity
* Dragoon pounce attack damage reduced to 100 from 160
* Removed jump pad code (and associated media loading)
* Removed loading of some Q3 cruft
* Corpses timeout in 20 seconds instead of 60
Bug fixes/development issues
* Fixed a silly bug with using the reactor/repeater
* Spilled events attached to temporary entities are now reattached
to their original entities, fixing the missing flame bug
* Fixed "suicide god" bug
* Fixed bug where zap ignores armour
* Fixed missing particle systems when follow-spectating
* Fixed potential bug involving dodgy pointer arithmetic in
* Cleaned up logic in CG_AddPlayerWeapon
* MASK_SHOT traces no longer collide with corpses
* Improved robustness of spawn validation, fixing the bug on transit
* A crapload of whitespace fixes
Feature/balance changes
* cg_debugParticles >= 1 now prints to the console when particle
systems are parsed and registered
* Reverted walk/run animation switching back to cmd.buttons instead
of basing it on speed
* Added option for changing whether or not the wallwalk control is a
toggle or not
* Weapon now drops momentarily when reloading
* The stage kill counters are now incremented for structure kills if
players did more then 50% of the total damage
* Removed the mp3 decoder from the source
* Marauder lightning now requires aim, does damage over time and
chains to other entities
* Implemented the Medkit -- a means for a human to restore health
and cure poison in the field
* "Disable Build Warnings" replaced with "Disable Warning
Dialogs" and improved
* Sped spectator move speed up
* Implemented "step down" physics for all characters; no more
jumping down stairs
* Increased frequency with which the Acid Tube deals damage
* Tyrant can no longer charge up forever and must pass a specific
minimum charge level
* Implemented command queueing for commands sent to clients in order
to prevent overflows even sv_floodProtect is off, but not by
dropping commands
* Added LOS check to creep slowing
* Overmind now only complains if there are 0 spawns
* Spawns can no longer be built when there is no Overmind/Reactor
* The spawn closest to the point of death is chosen preferably if
* Evolving no longer restores all health
* "give weapons" and "give ammo" cheats removed
* When selling the battery pack, max ammo is given
* Added stage information to the end of game stats
* Reduced Dragoon spitball damage from 120 to 110
* Reduced Tyrant claw damage from 120 to 100
* Reduced Tyrant charge damage from 160 to 110
* Increased Barricade regeneration rate from 12 to 14
* Increased Overmind health from 500 to 750
* Decreased Overmind regeneration rate from 10 to 6
* Doubled Blaster speed from 700 to 1400
* Reduced Painsaw damage from 18 to 15
* Reduced Painsaw range from 48.0 to 40.0
* Reduced Grenade price from 300 to 200
* Reduced Shotgun repeat rate from 1200 to 1000
* Increased Shotgun damage from 6 to 7
* Increased Mass driver damage from 35 to 38
* Increased Chaingun damage from 5 to 6
* Reduced Flamer repeat rate from 300 to 200
* Extended Flamer range
* Increased ammo on all human weapons
* Reduced splashdamage on MG Turrets
Bug fixes/development issues
* Hacked around trap_LinkEntity to allow missiles to have a bounding
box displayed
* Fixed "Server command overflow" bug for clients that should time
* Fixed a bug where only live clients would have their scores logged
at the end of the game
* Reworked how weapon changes are performed, fixing bugs in the
* Fixed the issue where the Mac qvm JIT compiler would not compile
* Reimplemented how buildables play damage sounds to not use the
event system
* Reworked the ammo/clips packing system to remove the confusion of
* Disabled client side ET_MISSILE collision
* G_RadiusSelectiveDamage no longer applies locational damage
* Moved some speed adjustment code into prediction; should prevent
some prediction misses
* Wrapped all calls to trap_SendServerCommand in order to circumvent
the q3amsgboom.cfg exploit
* Fixed restoration of energy weapons bug
* Fixed a bug where locational damage could sometimes scale damage
to 0
* Added G_ClosestEnt
* Moved build directory from tremulous to tremulous-dev