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from __future__ import division
import hashlib
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
# hash
def get(name):
from hashlib import new
parent = new(name)
raise ValueError("openssl does not have hash algorithm")
def construct(string=''):
h = parent.copy()
if string:
return h
return construct
ripemd160 = get("ripemd160")
except ValueError:
from Crypto.Hash import RIPEMD160 as ripemd160
# encoding
default_alphabet = ''.join(chr(i) for i in xrange(256))
def natural_to_string(n, alphabet=default_alphabet, min_width=1):
res = []
while n:
n, x = divmod(n, len(alphabet))
return ''.join(res).rjust(min_width, '\x00')
def string_to_natural(s, alphabet=default_alphabet):
if not s or (s != alphabet[0] and s.startswith(alphabet[0])):
raise ValueError()
return sum(alphabet.index(char) * len(alphabet)**i for i, char in enumerate(reversed(s)))
# key storage
def key_to_tuple(key):
k = key.key
if key.has_private():
return (k.n, k.e, k.d, k.p, k.q, k.u)
return (k.n, k.e)
def tuple_to_key(t):
return RSA.construct(map(long, t))
def key_to_string(k):
# for hashing
return " ".join(map(str, key_to_tuple(k)))
# hashing
def intdigest(h):
return int(h.hexdigest(), 16)
def strdigest(h, alphabet):
return natural_to_string(intdigest(h), alphabet)
# names
dns_alphabet = '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
c1 = 2201097281
c2 = 1865308177
def key_to_name_hash(k):
assert not k.has_private()
nh = ripemd160(key_to_string(k)).digest()
assert len(nh) == 160//8
return nh
def key_to_name(k):
assert not k.has_private()
x = intdigest(ripemd160(key_to_string(k)))
n = natural_to_string(x * c1 + c2, dns_alphabet)
return n
def name_to_name_hash(n):
y = string_to_natural(n, dns_alphabet)
x, q = divmod(y, c1)
if q != c2:
raise ValueError("not a valid name")
if x < 2**120 or x >= 2**160:
raise ValueError("not a valid name")
return natural_to_string(x, min_width=160//8)
def name_hash_to_name(nh):
assert len(nh) == 160//8
x = string_to_natural(nh)
return natural_to_string(x * c1 + c2, dns_alphabet)
# math
def median(x):
# don't really need a complex algorithm here
y = sorted(x)
left = (len(y) - 1)//2
right = len(y)//2
return (y[left] + y[right])/2
if __name__ == "__main__":
import random
for i in xrange(1000):
n = random.randrange(2**100)
assert n == string_to_natural(natural_to_string(n))