Counts the number of keypresses you make per hour on any X Window System desktop environment
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kdbcounter - a program for counting keyboard activity

This program will count the number of keypresses you make on your keyboard and mouse, on any X Window System environment, for example Linux.

The results, divided by hour, are stored in a commaseparated file, by default ~/.kbdcounter.csv. For hours where there's no activity, no line is added to the file.


Run bootstrap, then buildout. This will retrieve the dependencies of the project (python-xlib), or use an existing one if you have it installed already (i.e. via apt-get install python-xlib) and generate the binary.


Run bin/kbdcounter. After 5 minutes, verify that it's working by inspecting ~/.kbdcounter.csv.

The program should be started automatically when your desktop session is started.

Is this a silly program?

Yes. I wrote it because I was curious on how many keystrokes I was making on a regular working day.

Known bugs

  • The program will not save the last 5 minutes of stats if it's killed. Killing it with Ctrl-C will however save state.