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Forseti 1.0.2

@carise carise released this Apr 12, 2017
· 2234 commits to master since this release
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  • Add groups and group member import into inventory.
  • Refactor pipelines to be classes.


Case-insensitive rule match.


  • Improve deployment manager script to pull Forseti code from git branch.
  • Configure logging to use fluentd/syslog.




7f90499 Release 1.0.2 (#213)
cd5e300 Add git to apt-get (#216)
b942da9 Sample Rules File for Group Members (#214)
9a425ba Update (#210)
93eb360 Some tweaks on the deployment manager script (#208)
2754a62 Fix link to rules page. (#212)
c99dbaa Use .get() in case no email (#209)
1f87586 Fixing a bug whereby inventory_groups wasn't properly set (#206)
8a210eb Adding protection around building necessary dependences on groups inventorying (#203)
7c77553 Fix links (#205)
808f9ee Fix csv file for scanner. (#204)
b0b2037 Enabling easier testing of GCP installations (#200)
d2909f6 Tweaking document and key copy paths to not presume forseti-security exists (#201)
de6301d Create group_members pipeline (#196)
426e80e Clarify what the protoc binary zip should be (#195)
3199a3e Remove unused arg from doc. (#197)
d41128a Make sure the csv files are cleaned up. (#194)
83da14d Break down the main method into smaller helper functions. (#193)
3fbb84d Update the inventory runner script. (#192)
868499f Adding support for inventorying GSuite Google Groups for GCP installations (#188)
0d6605c Ignore pydev metadata for eclipse users. (#191)
1f8dd45 Add groups raw json data. (#189)
88d0422 Remove some json manipulation in test. (#190)
daa8b5d Make the api clients cleaner to create. (#187)
f5a4147 Tests for loading groups pipeline. (#186)
009f57d Configure logging to log to Stackdriver (when flag is set) (#155)
7d4757d Expanding metadata (#183)
8e614ba Make the pipeline into actual objects. (#160)
dcda7ce Improving docs to cover GSuite Google Groups (#176)
d659498 Add coveralls support in .travis.yml (#177)
806c5b3 Some pylint cleanup and import statement cleanup (#173)
99f773b Case insensitive member match (#172)
4f01613 400, not 100 (#171)
71ee013 Adding fetching and storing of groups (#165)