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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 5, 2023. It is now read-only.

Forseti Security 1.1.0

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@blueandgold blueandgold released this 25 Jul 00:46


  • Moved many flags into a central yaml configuration file.
  • Tuned permissions needed by Forseti.


  • Configurable Inventory pipelines.
  • Increased resource coverage.
    • Backend services
    • BigQuery datasets
    • CloudSQL
    • Firewall rules
    • Folders
    • Folder IAM policies
    • GAE applications
    • GCE instances
    • GCE instance groups
    • GCE instance group managers
    • GCE instance templates
    • GCS buckets
    • GCS bucket ACLs
    • Load balancer forwarding rules


  • Added batch mode.
  • Configurable scanners.
  • Increased resource coverage.
    • BigQuery dataset scanner
    • CloudSQL scanner
    • GCS bucket ACL scanner
    • Folder IAM policy scanner
    • Groups scanner
    • IAP scanner
    • Load balancer forwarding rules scanner
    • Violations saved to CloudSQL.

IAM Explain

  • Initial launch


  • Notify on violations.
  • Tied in inventory/scanner summaries.


  • Added IAM Explain.
  • Added Setup Wizard.
  • Deployment template improvements.


  • Modernized our Travis CI environment, use docker containers.
  • Migrated to standard python unittest runner.
  • Pylint improvements and coverage.
  • Added pre-commit hook for local pylint checks.


  • Moved to github pages and redesigned the site layout.
  • Reorganization of samples, scripts, and configs.
  • Explain the permissions needed by Forseti.
  • Added a roadmap page for resource coverage.

Lots of other bug fixes & improvements.

Thanks to Our Contributors!

This release contains contributions from many people:

  • Carly Schneider (Spotify)
  • Denzel Morris
  • Felix Matenaar (Google)
  • Gianluca Brindisi (Spotify)
  • Liang Zhang (Google)
  • Matthew Sachs (Google)
  • Nenad Stojanovski (Spotify)
  • Rajendra Umadas (Spotify)
  • Tabitha Smith (Google)