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Release 1.1.3

@blueandgold blueandgold released this Aug 31, 2017
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Major Features:

  • GCP API clients now use mix-ins of base methods, making it easier and cleaner to add or extend GCP API clients.
  • Logging integration with StackDriver. Log lines will be labeled with “forseti-security”.
  • API client for cloudbilling is added.
  • Copyright ownership changed to reflect the contributions made by many people in the community.

All Changes:

6bd831a Add a cloudbilling API repository and client. (#608)
ade15b4 Force grpcio and grpcio-tools to version 1.4.0. (#611)
5b9a7e3 Increment forseti version to 1.1.3 for new release. (#606)
5075968 add logwriter role (#603)
69710f2 New API base method based on repository model with mix-ins. (#562)
afd5047 Tweak copyright. (#595)
e2ef271 Change Copyright Notice to Be Shared Among Many Contributors. (#585)
4b31f65 Update (#590)
f813298 Fix wizard verbiage (#589)
443c71c Fix parent lookup (#584)
381066b Fix parameterized query (#582)
1f5aa59 Merge branch 'release-1.1.2' into dev