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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 5, 2023. It is now read-only.

Release 1.1.4

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@carise carise released this 14 Sep 22:50
· 1990 commits to master since this release


  • Add compute.projects component to compute repository
  • Fix a bug with the service account scope
  • Add resources to AppEngine API client
  • Slack webhook notifier
  • Add targetServiceAccount to firewall rules inventory
  • Add more information to instance network interface rule violation data

Thanks to our contributors!

Adam Cotenoff (Spotify)
Gianluca Brindisi (Spotify)
Carly Schneider (Spotify)

All changes

8df81cb (origin/release-1.1.4a) Firewall inventory sa fix (#645)
a86d770 More network info fix (#642)
8c81f21 Bump version to 1.1.4
8cfb68d Revert "Add targetServiceAccount to firewall rules inventory" (#643)
a70422c Revert "More network info" (#641)
a83bffb Update CONTRIBUTORS (#640)
7d9743f More network info (#639)
db1c5a5 Add targetServiceAccount to firewall rules inventory (#638)
e07bb9e Slack Webhook Pipeline for Notifier (#563)
38528ad Handle unicode when writing to csv. (#637)
4f27d79 Fix service account scope missing issue. (#636)
9a229fc Update group_rules.yaml
c7790c9 Update copyright
aa88bbc Add additional resources to AppEngine API client. (#633)
b8d27d9 Fix error handler. (#631)
4b0852b Update storage client to handle retries and explicit credentials. (#632)
3b4a485 Add compute.projects component to compute repository. (#624)