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Release 1.1.6

@blueandgold blueandgold released this Oct 14, 2017
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  • Add capability to api clients: get global operations, get quota, get disks, get networks, get subnetworks.
  • Support deployment if a user is not a direct org admin, but is a member of a gsuite group that has org admin permissions.
  • Include the notifier component to run when is invoked by cron job. But notification pipelines, email or slack, need to be enabled.
  • Initial work on Firewall scanner.
  • Fixed handling of case sensitive attributes in bucket rule.

Thanks to our contributors!

  • Ian Chesal (Square)

All changes

a93e13b (origin/dev, dev) bucketrules-entity-ignorecase (#702)
5fad811 Fix bad casing in buckets rule. Add unit tests. (#701)
5f93823 Add timeout and additional debug logging to base repository. (#698)
88cb5dc Added handling in FirewallRule and FirewallAction for empty fields. (#691)
28c6c32 Get the forseti notifier in place so that slack notification pipeline can be run. (#696)
c301d59 Bypass IAM checks (#694)
726e5cc Add a thread local compute client for each Batch Enforcer thread. (#695)
033e8d2 Adding Get Global Operations call to Compute API (#693)
7bd04c8 (origin/api-additions-global-operations) Api additions get quota (#690)
0684bf6 Merge pull request #686 from GoogleCloudPlatform/firewall-scanner
240e0ac Merge branch 'firewall-scanner' of into firewall-scanner
a0c5ad0 Added more tests.
1b2dc38 Merge branch 'dev' into firewall-scanner
48fd848 Fixed missing ','
aacfe6d Made changes based on ahoying's comments.
fa4ab08 Update iam_rules.yaml
0d0e7e5 Modified firewall rule to add policy comparisons and added tests.
9a20f84 Add get_disks to compute API client. (#683)
bd70f08 Add get_subnetworks to compute API client. (#682)
075717e Include add_rule_callback in batch and project enforcer. (#679)
adaf22a Spotify rules (#676)
824e1f9 Api additions - Get Networks (#677)