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Release 1.1.7

@carise carise released this Nov 2, 2017
· 1684 commits to dev since this release
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  • Delay utility.
  • Forseti and rule configuration tweaks.
  • New: Firewall rules scanner.
  • Add new options to setup wizard (G Suite superadmin email, notification recipient email) and pin the default version to the local code's version.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Thanks to our contributors!

Alec Nilson (Google)
Mark Wolters (Google)

All changes

9166982 (origin/release-1.1.7, origin/dev, release-1.1.7, dev) Increment version to 1.1.7
42577ef Notifier violations (#758)
c202947 (notifier-violations-tweak) Fix resource ancestry lookup (#755)
9e3cf87 Fix some syntax errors (#754)
21b1a21 First commit for example + default firewall rules (#742)
7735fe3 Add more setup options, gsuite superadmin, pin default version to local (#728)
a531395 Tweak the iam rule naming to be consistent. (#751)
50d1c0e (origin/auditor-v2-integ, auditor-v2-integ) Changed resource type and resource counts. (#748)
c439bd3 Changed flatten violations dict. (#747)
c9e9f67 Fixed bug in scanner and added extra logging. (#745)
d6f36cb Firewall rule engine (#738)
470fde2 Added FirewallRuleEngine, tests, and test yaml file (#736)
e86f48f Few improvments for the violation notifications (#735)
f556278 Added RuleBook for firewall and fixed a bug (#734)
203964f (origin/api-addition-wait-for-completion) Added from_json and from_dict methods (#719)
d26d10e Fix email error (#717)
8a416ac Move allAuthenticatedUsers to special_group attribute in rule file (#724)
a00854f add loglevel option to scanners (#725)
7801426 Adding Delay utility (#722)
11f8d57 Update Contributors and Authors (#720)