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Release v2.0-RC2

@blueandgold blueandgold released this Jun 27, 2018
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What is RC2?

RC2 is Forseti 2.0, Release Candidate 2. We anticipate this will be the last release candidate before finalizing Forseti Security 2.0.

Why should I test RC2? What changes are included?

There are many improvements and fixes in RC2. To name just a few:

  • General: Changes to the schema and data-types of the underlying SQL tables
  • Inventory: Supports Cloud Storage buckets with ‘Requester pays’ enabled
  • Notifier: Supports integration with Cloud Security Command Center on GCP
  • Notifier: A more centralized, consistent, and configurable notification experience
  • Scanner: Supports for IAM policy of Cloud Storage buckets
  • Installer: A more simple process with better default rule files
  • Explain: Improved stability with the client/server

I’m in. How do I test RC2?

Are there any known issues with RC2?

What should I be aware of before testing RC2?

As this is a beta and you’re testing a release candidate, the underlying data-model of Forseti can still change during this period. Data inventoried and violations created during this RC will not necessarily be compatible with the data generated and used in the final version.

When will Forseti Security 2.0 be available?

The target for the final release is the beginning of May 2018. After release, we’ll continue to support v1.x for a period of 90 days, but will no longer develop any features for it. We also won't be backporting any improvements into 1.x installations.

Thank you for helping to make Forseti better!

The team at Google supporting Forseti