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We are now in the final stretch for getting Forseti 2.0 released!

We’ve got one last Release Candidate for you to help us test. If you can take some time to help us validate that it works in your environment it would be much appreciated!

I’m in. How do I test RC3?

Use this guide we’ve put together to install 2.0RC3

This testing guide will walk you through the testing we’d like you to do.

Questions should be sent to

If you find bugs, open GitHub issues with the release-testing: 2.0 RC3 label

After you successfully run Forseti 2.0 RC3, complete this survey

What are the changes from Forseti RC2 to RC3?

There are many improvements and fixes in RC2. To name just a few:

  • Improvement to Inventory table with optimized schema and new indexes. Creating inventory and data model will be faster, as well as reducing storage on disk.
  • A new auth library that negates the use of a separate GSuite service account and key.
  • Forseti server does not need to be restarted to reload configuration or log level changes.
  • Forseti client now has commands to invoke the reloading.
  • Forseti VMs now run on the latest Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Complete Stackerdriver logs.
  • New scanners are added for audit log and enabled APIs.
  • Inventory data can be purged.
  • Cron jobs do not overrun each other.

What should I be aware of before testing RC3?

As this is a beta and you’re testing a release candidate, the underlying data-model of Forseti can still change during this period. Data inventoried and violations created during this RC will not necessarily be compatible with the data generated and used in the final version.

Unfortunately, RC3 installations can't be upgraded and you must do a fresh install.

When will Forseti Security 2.0 be available?

The target for the final release is the beginning of June 2018. After release, we’ll continue to support v1.x for a period of 90 days, but will no longer develop any features for it. We also won't be backporting any improvements into 1.x installations.

Thank you for helping to make Forseti better!

The team at Google supporting Forseti

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