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Release v2.1.0

@joecheuk joecheuk released this Aug 16, 2018
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  • Force the Forseti server to restart at the beginning of the cron run as a temporary fix to the auth issue #1832.
  • Forseti installation process can now be automated by passing in flags for all the prompted values.


  • Compute Engine Disks: Your Compute Engine Disks information are now inventoried.
  • Log sinks (Exports): Your Log sink information are now inventoried.


  • CSCC API Mode: Forseti notifier is now integrated using CSCC API, once you have the Forseti server service account setup with CSCC, Forseti will directly send violations to CSCC.

To setup the Forseti server service account with CSCC, you will need to whitelist your Forseti project with CSCC and assign role securityCenter.editor to the Forseti server service account on the organization level. You learn more about the configuration here.


  • Data model: Increased column size for some of the columns.
  • Service account key scanner: Updated to not use execute multiple queries in the same session during the use of yield_per().

Upgrade notes

To enable the CSCC API mode, add the following to the notifier section in your forseti_conf_server.yaml file.

Note: mode can be either 'api' or 'bucket' and if mode is 'bucket', you will need to specify a gcs_path.

            enabled: true
            mode: api
            organization_id: organizations/<your_organization_id>
            # gcs_path should begin with "gs://"

Thanks to our contributors!

All changes

9d3a465 (tag: v2.0.1) Added init file for discovery documents
7fd0d63 Increased column size for data model
aae7c41 Use absolute path to detech discovery_documents folder
e504c70 Updated version to 2.0.1
9cbbe49 Updated variable in the configs yaml file (#1781)
af627a3 (dev) Merge stable to dev (#1780)
1e765e3 Alpha sort the scanner maps issue#1654 (#1777)
f8f1a95 Updated broken urls (#1773)
84bf37a Add Compute Engine disks to crawler and data model. (#1766)
fcdb3d8 Merge stable to dev (#1764)
a897a3b Fix broken links on (#1751)
6c2d82c update iter_foo and fetch_foo issue#1702 (#1760)
6384eb4 Updated to not query again in the same session during yield_per() (#1763)
431e1ef Tidy-Up CSCC API (#1757)
b20482a Updated the dataset type_name to use dataset_policy/{dataset_id} format. (#1759)
cbf25f6 Fixing exemption typo issue#1643 (#1749)
d4edf80 Fix CSCC Notifier Test (#1750)
23122bc Adding working changes for CSCC API integration (#1746)
ea0d66c Add Log Sinks (Exports) to the Forseti Inventory (#1681)
c8d1485 Added Service Account support for installing Forseti (#1706)
0a1c691 Merge RC3 into Dev (#1726)
0f38839 Handle the deprecated port field in backend service. (#1717)
e2f3112 Update build and code coverage status for 2.0 branches. (#1723)
08867da Fix blacklist scanner to handle network intefaces that do not have external internet access. (#1721)
ce2f60e Updated output (#1714)
4ddd003 update cloudsql naming (#1695)
da6daa1 fix service account key scanner name in sample config (#1691)
4036ed4 updated installation instructions (#1689)
2c0c575 Updated hardcoded resource types in violation to use the resource types defined in the ResourceType class (#1665)