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Release v2.12.0

@joecheuk joecheuk released this Feb 28, 2019
· 8 commits to release-2.12.0 since this release
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  • Cloud Asset Inventory data: Addaed support for crawling multiple root resources with a composite root. Added support for Cloud Asset folder level.
  • Inventory status will be PARIAL_SUCCESS if warnings are found.


  • KMS Scanner: Added four use cases to the KMS Scanner to support querying the algorithm, protection level, purpose and state of the crypto keys.


  • Added default value for disabled attribute on firewall rules in enforcer.


  • Replaced create method with patch method to update eventTime on the CSCC dashboard for persistent findings.

Thanks to our contributors!

All changes

82fde43 Added 4 use cases to the initial KMS Scanner (#2584)
f7a5c7a Inventory's status should be PARTIAL SUCCESS if warnings are found (#2543)
a8e7be7 update gsuite message (#2597)
746289d Increased mysql timeout to 1 hour. (#2592)
5e8b511 Add in contrib directory. (#2585)
55e0841 Merge pull request #2538 from GoogleCloudPlatform/composite-root
4a425df Merge branch 'dev' into composite-root
fbb9bc3 Address comments.
1fdef8e (cscc-test-pr) Release 2.11.0 (#2575)
a108a79 patch instead of create cscc findings (#2553)
168ecea Updated log level and message to clarify db migrator action. (#2570)
288657e Remove legacy notifier configuration in resources scanner. (#2559)
dd59b66 (cscc-sync) Add slash in KMS GCS path (#2557)
08cca06 (origin/composite-root) Merge pull request #2545 from GoogleCloudPlatform/cai-folder-export
ad448df Clean up tests.
66fec08 Add support for Cloud Asset folder level now that it launched.
5981250 Merge branch 'dev' into composite-root
b13813b Add support for crawling multiple root resources with a composite root