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Release v2.19.1

@kevensen kevensen released this
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  • Add try-except block for CAI export to handle disablement of resources in CAI.


  • Fixed bugs in notifier where Python strings were being passed to functions expecting byte-arrays
  • Minor code fix to comply with style guide

Unit Tests

  • Fixed flaky firewall test
  • Fixed flaky replay test

Thanks to our contributors!

  • marmolejogo

All Changes

2990d15 Fix Flaky Firewall Test (#3118)
edfa101 Fix Flaky Replay Test (#3119)
fae92f1 Merge branch 'dev' into release-2.19.1
0dba777 Merge pull request #3114 from forseti-security/revert-2826-fix-svc-perms
061af86 Revert "Add storage.objectViewer role to GCP_READ_IAM_ROLES"
33dacc8 Merge branch 'dev' into release-2.19.1
5ff38bf Merge pull request #2826 from marmolejo/fix-svc-perms
ca13a46 Update package version
b556ea1 Merge pull request #3084 from kevensen/notifier-type-error-fix
bc75d42 Fix string to bytes issue
b54faf6 Merge pull request #3077 from kevensen/inventory-type-error-fix
cb791b3 Update inventory notifier to accept Python 3 strings
042787e + Add try except block for CAI export (#3066)
1428b6f Removed slash to follow style guide (#3033)
7cb09d9 Update Forseti version (#3047)
ff035d6 Use storage.legacyBucketReader role instead of roles/storage.objectViewer
77af416 Add storage.objectViewer role to GCP_READ_IAM_ROLES