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Release v2.20.0

@red2k18 red2k18 released this
· 10 commits to release-2.20.0 since this release
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  • Added new Compute resources from Cloud Asset Inventory.
    • Address
    • GlobalAddress
    • Interconnect
    • InterconnectAttachment


  • Added functionality to sync the policy library from a public/private GitHub repository as an alternative to manually copying the files to GCS.


  • Updated docker script ( to copy code to docker container after container is running.

Thanks to our contributors!

  • katze120

All Changes

21c97d9 (HEAD -> release-2.20.0, tag: v2.20.0, origin/release-2.20.0) updated version
27093a8 (origin/dev, origin/HEAD, dev) Add policy library sync (#3159)
c402606 Fix for copying code to container after container is running (#3156)
fc90c52 Merge pull request #3153 from forseti-security/portcai
386dcbb Merge branch 'dev' into portcai
ac2caf5 port changes
826c0b1 (test-scanners, rename-tests-to-test) Initial commit of compute_interconnect (#3141)
80cadb1 Merge pull request #3137 from forseti-security/updatefirewalltest
f2fc187 Update firewall test
ea2426e [RELEASE] Merge release-2.19.1 into dev (#3128)
cde7b83 Fix Flaky Firewall Test (#3118)
8d3d162 Fix Flaky Replay Test (#3119)
ba13934 Merge pull request #3120 from forseti-security/add-cai-compute-addresses
393304a (origin/add-cai-compute-addresses) Merge branch 'dev' into add-cai-compute-addresses
d01dc5d Update line length
5457ddf Added Compute Address and GlobalAddress resources from CAI to Forseti Inventory.
fa16918 Merge pull request #3101 from katze120/cscc-dont-inactivate-inactive-findings
22fcf40 Merge branch 'dev' into cscc-dont-inactivate-inactive-findings
8595c2e Merge branch 'dev' into cscc-dont-inactivate-inactive-findings
7cdf985 add one more INACTIVE test data
ea19f7b simplify logic
f110f13 Do not inactivate findings that are already inactive