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Release v2.23.0

@blueandgold blueandgold released this
· 216 commits to master since this release
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This release contains major optimizations that significantly improve the performance of the Inventory and Config Validator processes. We recommend everyone to get this release.

More [details can be found below and on our website.

We would love to hear your feedback on slack on how these optimizations work for you.


  • Optimized inventory process with many improvements to be faster and more efficient.
  • Added new resources using CAI: bigquery table, region disk.
  • Bugfix for unbound exception in Inventory Summary.
  • Bugfix to avoid using stale model by cron job.


  • Improved Forseti Config Validator to be faster and more efficient by evaluating multiple policies on the same dataset in parallel.


  • Added new email connector for Mailjet.


  • Forseti on GKE enters Beta.
  • Added Service Usage API.
  • Deprecate python installer.
  • Restructured Terraform Forseti module to support flexible deployment scenarios.
  • Added Integration Testing POC
  • Added Mock Data Generator for load testing.
  • Updated Terraform Cloud Shell Tutorial to be more user friendly.


  • Updated Install page with more information about deploying Forseti with Terraform.

Thanks to our contributors!

All changes

97be856 (HEAD -> release-2.23.0, tag: v2.23.0) feat: send mailjet email with HTML content (#3326)
7157a20 (origin/release-2.23.0) Adding back mapping from user -> users for Compute Addresses (#3341)
e9f4f58 Remove Validation on Firewall Names (#3335)
e6a5620 Updated Forseti version to 2.23.0
fe640e2 Updated CV to the latest version w/ parallel policy evaluation. (#3310)
1ad4cfd Update CloudBuild config + minor updates (#3311)
e8a4582 Minor updates to readme and travis files for the dev -> master branch switch (#3308)
6b5fc43 Added Explain test for all roles (#3278)
5ece3df Added Explain test to list permission in storage role (#3280)
cccd0df (origin/dev, origin/HEAD) Adding google-cloud-profiler to container image (#3286)
fdfc1f9 Inventory optimization fixes (#3285)
a50788e removing quotes from db name (#3296)
ee9917e Updating docker entrypoint to support custom DB name for Forseti on GKE (#3292)
92c1dbb Updated to run on cron jobs (#3293)
662aea2 Removed the mapping for CAI resources from the old CAI field names to the API field names. Ran some tests to verify that the updated resources are showing up properly in the CAI expot. (#3276)
956c177 Fix for unbound exception (#3284)
c5eafea feat: add mailjet email connector (#3290)
295d809 Removing old Dockerfiles (#3270)
cfa134a Python Installer Deprecation (#3273)
d4421af Updated Forseti version (#3269)
d066aa1 [PoC] Continuous Integration and Release Automation (#3202)
8526e07 (origin/fixmodelstate) Ensure we don't use stale models (#3260)