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Release v2.24.0

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  • Added rule name validation.


  • Output the inventory summary path in GCS to the logs.
  • Reporting the project ID in CloudSQL violations
  • MailJet connector supports HTML content


  • Improvements for end-to-end testing.

Thanks to our contributors!

All Changes

705cb3c Created bucket with allUsers and allAuthenticatedUsers permission for integration testing (#3301)
f05afe8 Run e2e tests for master, release-, and test/ branches (#3421)
c854670 Feature/fix travis secrets for tests (#3420)
6999ae7 Testing: Feature/test clarity (#3412)
23cff17 Testing: scanner - db no errors. (#3416)
c035ede Update Inventory Summary Notifier to log GCS file path (#3418)
15fb5b7 Feature/issues 3347 - Verify CAI export file is created in GCS (#3407)
e2346c0 Run E2E tests against forseti-security master branch (#3405)
c4646ef Feature/issues 3366 (#3389)
08138a0 Merge 2.23.0 Release Branch into Master (#3392)
926a46e Adding rule name validation to (#3375)
cbb97da Update Integration tests to restrict bastion host to specific netblocks (#3370)
14d9410 Store CAI export on GCS with Inventory Id in filename (#3377)
a06d71a PoC build fix (#3332)
3f76e0a Added check for succssful inventory creation in Explain (#3320)
5c4818a Report project_id in CloudSQL violations (#3338) (#3346)
06c5ca8 feat: send mailjet email with HTML content (#3326)
9bab46b Created G Suite group for integration testing (#3300)
cae5a8f Updated CFT Docker image to add support for Terraform G Suite provider (#3299)
4f37526 Added http 429 to be part of the retryable exceptions. (#3323)
23e0328 Added Explain test for all members (#3277)