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Release v2.4.0

@red2k18 red2k18 released this Sep 26, 2018
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  • Added project liens as a new resource to Inventory.


  • Added support for Forseti to run from a folder, instead of an organization.
  • Added resource_name column to all scanners and violations which contain human readable names.


  • Improved firewall rules by removing default rules and creating Forseti specific firewall rules for the client, and with more organized priorities for both server and client firewall rules.
  • Updated Docker files to speed up build during development.
  • Updated Docker wrapper scripts to correctly return error code when any bash script test runners fail.
  • Improved naming quality of the Docker setup and install scripts, based on their functionalities.

Thanks to our contributors!

All changes

754ac74 (HEAD -> rele-2.4.0, tag: v2.4.0, origin/rele-2.4.0) version updated
dcaec81 (origin/dev, origin/HEAD, dev) Merge release-2.3.0 to dev (#2020)
2592fbd (rel-2.4.0) Added resource_name column to all the scanners, added schema update handles in scanner dao (#1864)
a6a45cc Add project Liens to inventory (#2011)
4cae7e2 Clean up and improve firewall rules (#2005)
d48e131 Create a new API client for the new Cloud Asset API. (#2008)
e985fe8 Allow data model to be built without an organization root. (#1770)
f5d61c0 Properly trap and return errors correctly in travis scripts (#2006)
6ed8234 Rename docker run script to clarify what it does (#1998)
38a7fe0 Adjust Dockerfiles to speed up builds during development (#1992)