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Release v2.7.0

@joecheuk joecheuk released this Mar 14, 2019
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  • Added bigquery datasets and service accounts from Cloud Asset Inventory.
  • Improved the inventory email summary, with a new detail section that breaks out resources in different states(e.g. active vs pending delete projects).


  • Added Kubernetes Engine Scanner that uses JMESPath language and query.


  • Reverted the workaround that restarted the server on every cron run.

Thanks to our contributors!

All changes

70522c5 (HEAD -> release-2.7.0, origin/release-2.7.0) Disable getting bigquery from CAI in v2.7.0 (#2425)
44acb56 (HEAD -> release-2.7.0, tag: v2.7.0, origin/release-2.7.0) Fix issue #2411. Don't leak temp file handle. (#2417)
6da85d7 (upstream/release-2.7.0) Remove apt-get upgrade from startup scripts in client & server vm. (#2195) (#2197)
1052514 Define variable before try block. (#2191) (#2198)
172e0d1 (HEAD -> release-2.7.0, origin/release-2.7.0) Prevent output to the console (#2185)
b877df8 Merge branch 'release-2.7.0' of into release-2.7.0 into release-2.7.0
2e86035 Merge branch 'dev' into release-2.7.0
2ccf8b4 (origin/dev, dev) Revert "Add OpenCensus instrumentation for tracing" (#2171)
37d047d Don't warn for known handlers. (#2167)
4bac8b0 Increment Forseti version.
ca65e41 Fix applies_to in location scanner rule (#2161)
3ec2263 Add OpenCensus instrumentation for tracing (#1926)
fd0945e Add support for IAM ServiceAccounts from Asset Inventory data. (#2152)
e0a2b92 Update docstrings for project_number args. (#2151)
64a1408 Support Bigquery Datasets and Access Policies from Cloud Assets data. (#2150)
337a7ca Remove private API flag for cloud asset API. (#2148)
34e00c5 Support specific ids in location rules applies_to (#2142)
918b4e0 Add jmespath scanner for KE (#1991)
faab5eb Revert "Restart the server at the beginning of the cronjob, temp fix to #1832" (#2146)
7522fc8 Separate active/pending delete project status in inventory summary email (#2132)
bf63266 Fix Flake8 styling issues in dev causing Travis build to fail (#2137)
f0f40d4 (origin/coontr) Release 2 6 0 merge to dev (#2141)
099b7c0 Cai resources importer (#2114)