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Release v2.8.0

@hshin-g hshin-g released this Mar 14, 2019
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  • Added new resources from the Cloud Asset API
    • Cloud IAM Grantable Roles
    • Cloud IAM Organization Roles
    • Cloud IAM Project Roles
    • Cloud Pub/Sub
    • Cloud Storage IAM Policies


  • Added G Suite DwD status in Inventory Summary email

All changes

c205b6a Fix issue #2411. Don't leak temp file handle. (#2417)
9ab73c2 Ensure CSCC alpha mode is the default. (#2318)
78889be Cherry picked #2261 into release-2.8.0. (#2262)
ecd741d Increased pool_size to 50 when creating mysql engine.
4ae557e Increment version to 2.8.0
d98b327 Updated reference to outdated field. (#2252)
ea976e8 (dev) Updated db migrate logic to remove cai_temporary_store (#2248)
eb538a6 Add Support for CSCC Beta API (#2130)
e90364b Merge pull request #2202 from GoogleCloudPlatform/easRevision
8ef6336 Merge branch 'dev' into easRevision
9b0b919 fix test
8e07d8a Update CloudAsset name max length to 512 chars in temporary table. (#2242)
a36509f styling
f58ac90 Add G Suite DwD enabled/disabled field in Inventory Summary email (#2201)
82130c3 New Cloud Asset API resources (#2235)
037b557 Update apt_packages to include new mysql name (#2173)
493a15d Remove apt-get upgrade from startup scripts in client & server vm. (#2195)
daa835a addressing some of the suggestions from last PR
e0107ae Initial commit of project access scanner (#2004)
f1400f8 Define variable before try block. (#2191)
33e6ede Throw A Clear Exception Error When A Scanner Doesn't Exist (#2160)
3323ec5 Globally Rename find_policy_violations() to find_violations() (#2172)
83545d6 Prevent output to the console (#2185)
fa21c02 Add VS Code to gitignore (#2186)
a071f95 Servicemanagement client update (#2175)
75af1e2 Integrate Release 2.7.0 Back into Dev (#2174)